Professor David Asirvatham Elected President of DSA

Professor David Asirvatham Elected President of DSA

07 August 2021

The Data Science Association, Malaysia held its Annual General Meeting on 7 August 2021. The meeting was held online. Professor David Asirvatham of Taylor's University was elected president of the Association. Professor David paid tribute to Dr Halimah Awang the first president of DSA and said that he will continue to carry out the objectives with which the association was formed. He said that the association's activities for 2020 were hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic and as such more effort would be needed to get it functioning again. Prof David spoke about the importance of thinking differently in developing the association but said there were limitations in resources and staff. However, he was confident that the highly talented members of the EXCO would help overcome those limitations.

The AGM also passed a resolution to amend the membership fees so that the fees will be the same for both foreign and local members.

The following is a full list of the members of the Association's Executive Committee.

President: Dr David Asirvatham
Deputy President: Mr U K Menon
General Secretary: Mr. Christopher John
Deputy Gen Secretary: Mr Gopalakrishnan Kolandai
Treasurer: Dr. Suresh Kannan

Committee Members:Dr Halimah Awang, Dr Hema Subramonian, Dr Noor Zaman, Dr Norshakirah Abdul Aziz, Mr Roman Kotov.