Individuals who have an interest in or are actively engaged in data science or a related field. Ordinary Members must have at least a bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science, statistics, actuarial science, mathematics or a discipline or field approved by the Executive Commitee on a case by case basis.

RM100.00 or USD 100.00

(RM 50 or USD 50 Registration Fee)


Ordinary Members of the Association who, instead of paying the annual subscription, elect to pay a commuted sum decided by the Executive Commitee provided that the Ordinary Member applying for life membership has been an Ordinary Member for at least a year.

RM1000.00 or USD 1000.00

(Life Members - a single payment of RM1000/USD1000 + RM 50 or USD 50 Registration Fee )


Individuals who are not eligible for Ordinary Membership whose membership has been approved by the Executive Commitee.

RM200.00 or USD 200.00

(RM 50 or USD 50 Registration Fee)


Those enrolled in a higher educational institution in a program leading to any qualification in Data Science or other related field or discipline.


(RM 50 or USD 50 Registration Fee)


Incorporated bodies, associations or organizations involved in Data Science and interested in the objectives and goals of the Association. Corporate Members are entitled to nominate two representatives to the Association.

RM1000.00 or USD 1000.00

(RM 50 or USD 50 Registration Fee)


Individuals appointed to that position in accordance with the criteria and procedure determined by the Governing Council for their exceptional or outstanding contributions or performance in the field of Data Science.


Individuals such as government leaders, business leaders, philanthropists and others who have contributed to the development of data science or provided leadership in their areas of work that has benefited the development of data science or the Association. Honorary Fellowship may also be awarded to a member of the Association for distinguished service to the Association. The appointment of Honorary Fellows shall be for life.